Air spading

Our air spade is an excellent addition to our services for tree management on development sites and construction projects.


Using an air compressor, the air spade directs a 1200mph jet of air displacing the soil and allowing excavation without the need for digging tools. This ensures that there is no damage to any root growth encountered and no risk to any underground services.  


The air spade is invaluable in the following scenarios:


  • Pre-planning root investigation on development sites, to inform on the extent of rooting areas and to justify adjustments to Root Protection Areas.
  • Pre-construction root pruning on development sites, to excavate and prune root growth prior to the construction of foundations.
  • Post construction remediation on development sites, where soil compaction has occurred adjacent to retained trees, the air spade is utilized to de-compact the soil without the risk of further damage to the underlying roots.
  • Tree condition assessments, to assess the structural integrity of roots along with their physiological health.
  • Soil amelioration, allowing the cultivation of soil beneath trees and the addition of soil conditioners to improve nutrition and drainage.


The video below shows our air spade in action on a development site where it was used to uncover the roots of protected trees, enabling us to prune them to facilitate the installation of an access road and kerb edge.

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