Decay Detection

Our IML Resi F400 is a specialised instrument that detects decay and cavities in trees and timber and is an invaluable diagnostic tool in tree assessment. As experienced arborists we are able to interpret the results to identify areas of decay, dysfunctional wood, cavities, cracks and importantly the thickness of residual sound wood surrounding decayed areas. Driven by a cordless drill it is lightweight, portable and very easy to handle and is therefore ideal for difficult operating conditions including the assessment of decay above ground level and the assessment of roots.

Using a 3mm diameter micro drill to a depth of 400mm the device records the resistance provided by the wood to the turning drill, simply, sound wood offers greater resistance with any reductions likely to indicate decay and dysfunction.

The measurement profile is recorded simultaneously to the drilling depth on a wax paper strip and within the onboard computer system, enabling desktop interpretation of the results and allowing us to make fully informed decisions on tree safety.

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