Tree Surveys  BS5837:2012

Tree surveys should be undertaken by a competent arboriculturist to record information about the trees on or adjacent to a site. The survey should accord with the guidance contained in British Standard 5837:2012 'Trees in relation to design, demolition and contruction - recommendations'.


The results of the tree survey, including any material constraints arising from existing trees that merit retention, should be used to inform feasibility studies and design options.


Therefore, the tree survey should be completed and made available to designers prior to and independently of any specific proposals for development.


Certain trees are likely to be of such importance and sensitivity as to be major constraints on development. Care should be taken however to avoid misplaced tree retention.


Attempts to retain too many, or unsuitable, trees on a site can result in excessive pressure on the trees during demolition or construction work, or post-development demands for their removal from future residents.


Tree surveys undertaken after a detailed design has been prepared can identify significant conflicts, and in such cases, the nature of the proposed development should be measured against the quality of the affected trees. It may translate that significant design changes are required as a result.

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